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Single Card Quality Guide

Every 'single card' on this website has been drawn from a sealed product by us or bought after very careful inspection from other sellers. This limits the amount of product we can sell, but is the only way to ensure a certain level of quality.


As collectors, we know the importance of having Pokémon cards in good condition. Below is a guide to how we sort and protect our single cards.

Every card that is either Rare, Reverse Holo, Holo or above is placed directly into a protection sleeve. All cards are stored safely in a card sorting box, by set and ordering. Common cards are not sleeved, but placed in a card sorting box.

Pictured: An example of how we store our cards. Sleeved and covered in a smoke-free, pet-free environment. 



For most cards, we use sourced images and scans, as we can't possibly photograph or scan every single card we have in stock. For more expensive cards, we will make every effort to photograph the exact card we are selling. These images will be clearly marked with a Pokénord logo.

Centring and Condition

  • We cannot guarantee perfect centering or condition of any cards that we sell.
  • We cannot and will not give estimates or predictions on potential PSA/BGS grade values for any single cards that we sell.


Sales on Tradera

Any card that doesn't meet our card quality criteria is instead listed on our Tradera (Swedish Ebay) page, with accompanying photos. Cards sold on Tradera are always listed as 'condition as shown'.


Safe shipping

All cards are shipping in a sleeve and hard plastic toploader.